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ADVOCATE – August 5, 2020

President’s Forum: Correcting a Misleading Report

There is no question that seniors and disabled persons living in multifamily housing – subsidized and unsubsidized – face many daunting challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. Many elderly residents live alone, are frail, immobile and may not have others they can count on to help them through the difficulties they are now enduring. Many housing authorities all over the country have therefore stepped-up efforts to help this vulnerable population, notwithstanding this flawed report.





HUD Releases Second Notices for Voucher Program HAP Funding and Administrative Fees

HUD has published PIH Notices  2020-17  and  2020-18 , which provide guidance on the use of...



Public Housing Shortfall Funds Available

On July 28, HUD issued PIH Notice 2020-16, “ Implementation of Public Housing Operating Fund Short...



NYCHA Presents A Blueprint for Change

On July 28, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), led by former PHADA president Greg Russ, r...

Image of Reno HA Willie J. Wynn Apartments

Member Spotlight

Reno Housing Authority

Reno, Nevada is known as the “Biggest Little City in the World.” As new jobs in technology and logistics have recently made it bigger, its housing market has become increasingly crowded. Housing prices and rent have gone up so much that two years ago Reno ranked fourth in the nation for increases. That puts increasing pressure on the housing market and on the Reno Housing Authority (RHA), which serves all three jurisdictions. Now the RHA is taking a big step to ease the shortage of affordable housing, especially for seniors.

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