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Accreditation Draft Standards and Guidelines

Attention PHADA Members

The following update was originally presented by PHADA Trustee, Joshua Meehan, Keene Housing (NH), during both the Legislative Committee and Board of Trustees meetings at PHADA’s 2017 Annual Convention in Chicago:

The draft Standards and Guidelines for accreditation that have been developed by the Affordable Housing Accreditation Board (AHAB) are now available for review and feedback. These accreditation Standards and Guidelines were developed by AHAB, which includes PHADA Trustees Tony O’Leary, Len Williams, and myself, as well as Joe Shuldiner, Tom Harkless, MaryAnne Russ, Ed Lownes, Jeff Lines, Renee Rooker, AHAB’s Executive Director Diana McWilliams, and others.

These Standards and Guidelines and a survey soliciting feedback on them are available at: You can also access a PDF of the daft standards at:

It is essential that these Standards and Guidelines be thoroughly vetted by industry stakeholders before testing begins, so that there is general agreement that the accreditation process is not only transparent and comprehensive, but flexible and scalable enough to be useful to all types of PHAs, from small rural to large urban.

We are very excited to see the accreditation process coming to fruition and think that the timing for the industry to begin this type of peer review and support given HUD’s increased difficulty managing its cumbersome oversight role.

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