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COVID-19 Resources for Housing Authorities

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Latest Updates


PHADA Encourages HAs to Contact HUD on PHAS/SEMAP Waivers

PHADA has consistently advocated that HUD provide greater flexibility to HAs, particularly in the context of COVID-19, so that agencies are best able to respond to local conditions during the ongoing pandemic. The association has also argued it is unfair to score many agencies for things beyond their control during this time.

In response to PHADA’s advocacy, impacted HAs have opportunities to request flexibility – possible PHAS scoring waivers or an inspection deferment. In addition, HAs can request SEMAP scoring waivers. Please see the links below on how to take advantage of these options.


CARES Act Guide

CARES Act Quick-Guide for Public Housing Authorities
PHADA has prepared this reference guide to CARES Act waivers for public housing authorities. The guide includes a chart, and more detailed descriptions of Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Housing Quality Standards and other waivers from Notice PIH 2020-33, as well as key funding provisions of Notices PIH 2020-17 (HCV Supplemental HAP), PIH 2020-18 (HCV Supplemental Admin Fees) and PIH 2020-24 (Public Housing Operating Funds).



Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) and Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA)

Eviction Prevention


The Eviction Lab

Drawing on tens of millions of records, the Eviction Lab at Princeton University has published the first ever dataset of evictions in America, going back to 2000.

CDC COVID-19 Resource Center

Access the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including the COVID Data Tracker.

Access the COVID-19 Resources Archive



Eviction Prevention & Stability Toolkit


COVID-19 Emergency Planning Toolkit




HUD Conference Calls/Webinars


Other Resources


Congressional Legislation

House Financial Services Committee


Senate Appropriations Committee


Federal Government Response