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Member Benefits

Day after day, all year long, PHADA membership yields an exceptional “return on investment” (ROI) that provides benefits to housing authorities, staff, and the low-income people and communities they serve. This ROI makes PHADA membership one of the most cost-effective decisions you make for yourself and your housing authority.

Following are a list of benefits available to all PHADA members:


Conference Registration Discounts

For yourself, each member of your staff and Board of Commissioners who attend a PHADA conference, your housing authority receives substantial registration discounts on all PHADA conferences.


Publications Discounts

PHADA members receive discounts on guidebooks and manuals that help PHAs manage their day-to-day operations.


Professional Development Programs

PHADA members receive discounts on the registration fees for a variety of professional development training programs.


The PHADA Website

Up-to-the-minute news information, for members only.


Biweekly Newsletter

The Advocate provides members with insights into HUD and Congressional actions, funding opportunities, job vacancies, and major developments in the public housing field.


A Voice in Washington

The PHADA staff and leadership diligently serve the membership’s interests and needs through their liaison with Congress, HUD, and other federal agencies. PHADA develops and pushes for legislation and submits comments on HUD’s proposed regulations and administrative matters.


Influence the direction of Federal Rental Assistance programs

Through committee participation and contact with the PHADA staff, members have the opportunity to articulate how national policies will impact on local programs.


Professional Networking

Your membership, involvement in PHADA, and participation at conferences and training programs puts you in touch with your colleagues throughout the nation. 


Bottom Line: An Outstanding Return On Investment

Your membership dues will yield numerous returns on your investment (ROI), no matter how big or small your housing authority. It begins with a simple action – joining PHADA. An array of benefits makes your membership an outstanding ROI in your professional development and in the future of your housing authority.