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Affiliate Spotlight: EZ-Snap Covers


LOCKDOWN Baseboard Heater Covers

EZ Snap Covers, the leading innovator of residential and commercial baseboard heater covers, has developed a solution tailored exactly to the needs of public housing authorities, multi-family housing facilities, and commercial properties.

Patent-pending LOCKDOWN Heater Covers by EZ-Snap provides massive cost and time savings for public housing teams. By locking the covers in place, they shield children from all the sharp objects that are inherent in all baseboard hot water heating systems. Small children love standing on the baseboard heaters to look out the windows, knocking off the front covers and exposing the razor-sharp fintubes, while also leaving the sharp ends exposed. The original heaters also tend to get extremely rusty compounding any injury issues that occur. With EZ-Snap LOCKDOWN covers, all sharp objects are contained in one simple enclosure.

LOCKDOWN by EZ-Snap is just what the name implies, it is locked in place mechanically, making it extremely safe for all children. LOCKDOWN is so strong, 200-pound adults can stand on them and they still remain totally intact. By eliminating dangerous sharp object incidents, they help minimize legal issues that arise or may be initiated by the baseboard heater system. The 20-gauge galvanized steel covers snap over existing baseboard heaters in minutes and they feature a baked-on epoxy powder coating. Once you’ve installed these covers, you can rest assured knowing they will survive the dents, chips, and scratches for years to come. Our EZ-Snap Covers’ LOCKDOWN Heater covers are Tenant-Tested-Tough.

W. Gary Peters, on behalf of Bridgeport Rescue Mission in Bridgeport, CT, said “Our LOCKDOWN covers are installed in high-traffic areas where conventional covers deteriorate rapidly. We expect the industrial strength of the EZ-Snap Covers will last for many years.” Mr. Peters also went on to say “Our contractor’s installation time was 40% less than estimated.”

LOCKDOWN Heater Covers also help in theft-protection, once installed, LOCKDOWN Heater Covers can only be removed or serviced by authorized personnel. This has saved housing authorities millions over time in replacement parts due to theft, damage, and the great time waster “service calls”.

LOCKDOWN Heater Covers keep guests and residents safe while ensuring property managers keep their baseboard heater covers locked down, preventing them from being removed, accidentally or on purpose, by unauthorized persons.

LOCKDOWN Heater Covers have been recognized as the ideal commercial solution. Based on the product’s specifications, here’s what makes LOCKDOWN great:

  • LOCKDOWN Heater Covers helps prevent children from injury
  • LOCKDOWN Heater Covers permanently attach to help prevent theft
  • Rust-Proof 20-gauge galvanized steel holds up against all environments for years
  • Baked-on Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Made in the USA from sustainable materials
  • Helps maintain compliance, avoiding fines
  • Helps save housing authorities millions of dollars in theft, damage, and legal issues
  • 5-Minute install by existing staff - NO HVAC or plumbing bills


Design and Sizing

LOCKDOWN Heater Covers fit 95% of all hot water baseboard heaters. Standard 7½″ and TALL 9½″ heights are available. Standard lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-foot are available, as well as custom-cut lengths and custom heights to fit your specific installation requirements.


About EZ Snap Covers

Having been in the remodeling business for over 25 years, we knew that there had to be a better way to fix old, ugly baseboard heaters. EZ-Snap Covers is that better way. The bent, rusted, cheesy 1950’s look of the original manufacturing companies are gone and the neat, clean, stylish look of today is here. EZ-Snap Covers are modern looking, and are made with 20-Gauge galvanized steel, the thickest cover on the market today, with a baked-on epoxy powder coated. Our covers are “Tenant-Tested-Tough.”

For more information, visit: www.ezsnapcovers.com.