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Return on Investment from PHADA Membership—We Work for You!

PHADA membership yields an exceptional return on investment (ROI) through tangible financial benefits, representing your voice in Washington, and education, training, and networking. Membership is one of the most important investments you can make for your agency.

Providing Direct Financial Benefits

We know every dollar matters. That’s why we have:

  • Advocated for and realized targeted gains in FY 23 and FY 24 funding for the operating and capital funds, HCV renewals and administrative fees, and PBRA.
  • Took the lead with HUD and Congress on issues that threaten HA solvency, including Tenant Accounts Receivable (TARs), the 30-day notice to evict requirement, and rising insurance costs.
  • Supported and achieved key policy wins in appropriations bills, such as pushing the RAD sunset date to 2029, extending contracts for the original MTW agencies, and preventing HUD from basing FSS funding decisions on its ill-advised performance metrics.
  • Led the effort with two successful lawsuits on behalf of nearly 900 HAs for HUD’s illegal recapture of operating reserves, returning $270 million in damages to HAs.


Representing Your Voice in Washington

PHADA consistently supports practical, flexible, and local solutions on the most important issues facing the low-income housing industry:

  • PHADA staff has met in-person with Congressional offices and HUD staff throughout the year to share the Association’s stance on key topics.
  • Our advocacy resulted in the exemption of public housing dwelling units from the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA); the industry awaits additional details through future guidance.
  • PHADA successfully advocated for delaying the HOTMA compliance date and providing HAs with greater flexibility in enforcing HOTMA asset limits. HUD recently announced a PHADA-backed delay in the implementation of the Housing Information Portal (HIP) and another HOTMA compliance date deferral is likely.
  • In the past year, we’ve submitted more than a dozen comment letters—representing over 100 pages of analysis and arguments—on topics such as TARs and the 30-day notice requirement, the fair housing and criminal records rules, and improvements to RAD. 
  • PHADA’s ongoing advocacy resulted in modification of the PHAS scoring metric for TARs and the extension of that modification.
  • PHADA helped convince HUD to defer NSPIRE-V until October 2024, and the Association successfully argued that delay continue to October 2025.  This will better ensure the inspection system is fair, workable, and does not reduce landlord participation in the voucher program.

Education and Professional Development

PHADA provides essential learning resources to members, including:

  • In-depth analysis of key industry issues through the biweekly
  • publication of the Advocate.
  • Keeping members informed of the latest housing news through Breaking News, social media, and eBlasts.
  • The PHADA-Rutgers University EDEP program offers a meaningful educational experience for current or aspiring executive directors to gain new insight into the profession. The program consists of a series of ten courses designed to reinforce the technical, managerial, and strategic competencies required of a successful executive director.
  • Free webinars on a variety of important topics affecting the industry, including skills and practices for effective Congressional advocacy.
  • Professional development opportunities at conference sessions including roundtables for new executive directors. 
  • Discounted member pricing for all staff and commissioners to attend PHADA’s three annual conferences. 
  • Member discount for the digital edition of the Executive/Deputy Director Compensation Survey that provides instant access to the latest salary information for all HUD regions.


Advocacy and Networking Opportunities

PHADA helps you cultivate key relationships with elected officials and colleagues:

  • Members can influence national policies that impact local programs through participation in PHADA committees.
  • Members have access to PHADA position papers on appropriations and legislative priorities to inform their own advocacy.
  • Members can connect with colleagues across the country to share policies and best practices to address local challenges.
  • Membership grants access to complimentary online job and RFP postings for both employers and job seekers.


Together, Our Voices are Stronger

Join PHADA now and experience how our advocacy, information, and professional development prepare you and your Housing Authority team for the future.