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PHADA Issues Timely Proposals

Focused on Ensuring Viability of Low-Income Housing

In late 2015, PHADA’s Board of Trustees conducted a retreat to focus on the myriad of challenges confronting low-income housing industry. The idea was to devise solutions that could then be shared with the Administration and Congress in light of the protracted shortfall in Public Housing funding and Section 8 Administrative Fee funding.

PHADA’s staff, leadership, and others have been working over the past several months to refine the plans and develop specifics. Most of that work is now complete; two of those publications are featured below. PHADA encourages you to review both carefully and then promote these proposals with your colleagues, commissioners, residents, community leaders, and Members of Congress.

All are encouraged to download and distribute the PDF versions below. If you would like to receive printed copies, please contact PHADA’s Director of Communications, Blake Stenning, at:

Saving America’s Public Housing

Under this proposal, PHADA is offering a “proportionality plan“ to Congress and the Presidential transition team that calls for the temporary suspension of restrictive and burdensome regulations in years when operating and capital funds fall below a 90 percent proration. We call the concept “proportionality” because it is based on the principle that, when the federal government only partially funds public housing, HAs should be required to comply only partially with certain regulations.

The plan allows housing authorities to choose from a menu of options that allows the waiver of selected regulations to generate income or realize savings in proportion to an individual housing authority’s funding shortfall. The items HAs choose would depend on what works best in their markets and what would have the least effect on public housing residents.

>> Download the PDF publication

>> Download the Sample News Release

>> Download the Sample Letter to Congress

PHA Bill of Rights

PHADA’s Board also felt compelled to publish a “Bill of Rights” to rebalance the housing authority relationship with HUD. The idea was conceived by our members who have grown weary of HUD’s continual intrusion into the autonomous operations of individual public housing authorities over the past few years. In the PHA Bill of Rights, we remind readers that housing authorities are independent public entities established under state and local laws. Some in Washington fail to recognize our independent status and that lack of intergovernmental respect sometimes results in fewer people housed and at greater expense than otherwise would happen.

>> Download the PDF publication

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