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President’s Forum: Unfinished Business Means Another Busy September

Timing Aligns with PHADA’s Legislative Forum

John Hodge, PHADA President

With Independence Day now behind us, we are well into the summer as Congress approaches its August recess. Between now and when lawmakers return to Washington after Labor Day, they will confront a large amount of unfinished business. This includes the need to enact a large-scale budget agreement that averts sequestration in FY 20 along with a measure that raises the debt limit ceiling, authorizing the Federal Government to continue borrowing.

All these developments will likely be addressed right around the same time as PHADA’s Legislative Forum in September, once again making that a very timely meeting right on Capitol Hill. Under the existing Budget Control Act, sequestration will return unless Congress and the Trump Administration agree to waive the requirement. Lawmakers and both Presidents Obama and Trump have done so over the past six years and are expected to do so again. Still, nothing is ever guaranteed in Washington as we learned all too well with the government shutdown earlier this year. That is why the foremost message we need to convey to Congress is “raise the caps.”

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