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PHADA Video Brief: FY 20 Budget Appropriations

Please View Short Video and Contact Your Representatives, Two Senators

Before leaving for their August recess, the House and Senate adopted important legislation that will avert sequestration in the coming fiscal year and raise the overall spending caps for domestic discretionary programs in both FY 20 and 21. Under the terms of the agreement, Congress will be able to increase non-defense discretionary (NDD) spending by $27 billion compared to FY 19. While the increase is certainly welcome news, it remains to be seen exactly how it will impact our programs. It is not at all certain our programs will see any increases from last year, and in fact, they could be reduced.

The House of Representatives already drafted and passed most of its appropriations bills. The House T-HUD legislation was approved earlier this summer and includes some modest increases for public and assisted housing accounts. It is important to note, however, that the House bill was considered BEFORE the new cap limit was established. Indeed, the House legislation assumes a government-wide increase of $34 billion in NDD compared to $27 billion in the bipartisan agreement. Thus, depending on how Congress decides to divide up the funds, this could result in some downward adjustments in housing accounts in the final FY 20 bill. It is therefore very important to contact your elected officials before Congress reconvenes in September.

Below are the numbers in the current version of the House bill. Please suggest that, at a minimum, Congress appropriate the sums in this legislation.

For more background, watch the short four minute video above of PHADA policy staff discussing the situation. In addition, the August 14 edition of the Advocate contains more detailed information and specific funding amounts.

Please use this material to develop your message to Congress before lawmakers return to Washington in September.