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Uniting Technologies for Smart Public Housing Facilities

Mary Fox, Director, Public Housing, Performance Infrastructure™, Johnson Controls

Among daily operations and maintenance, Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) are always working to improve or modernize their public housing infrastructure. Whether aiming to maintain the quality of living environments or reduce utility bills, optimizing facilities plays a crucial role in developing affordable, comfortable, efficient and safe homes for current and future residents – but it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Establishing smart infrastructure is not always possible while dealing with budgetary constraints and building pain points, such as timeline delays and project management headaches. The funding, design, construction and operations that are prominent steps in developing an optimized environment often add stress to PHAs who need to remain focused on their buildings and residents. Integrating advanced technologies and solutions can help, but not knowing where to start and how to fund these implementations can halt progress. If you’re part of a PHA and are interested learning more about how smart building technologies and creative funding options can help achieve your public housing objectives and goals, follow along below.

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