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PHADA Advocacy Leads to HUD Postponement of Flawed FSS Performance Measurement System for 2019 NOFA

Arlene Conn, Policy Analyst

On September 10 at PHADA’s 2019 Legislative Forum, HUD-PIH General Deputy Assistant Secretary Dominique Blom announced that HUD will not implement the FSS Performance Measurement System for the 2019 NOFA. The System was proposed in Federal Register Notice two years ago and PHADA has continuously advocated for improvements since that time, including meeting with HUD FSS and executive staff on numerous occasions.

This is the second delay in implementation of the System. Last year HUD delayed implementation for the 2018 NOFA at PHADA’s request when staff pointed out that HUD generally allows a year before implementing a new system, as it did with the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS). After a second year of advocacy by PHADA, which specifically expressed concerns with HUD’s scoring methodology, HUD looked further and found inexplicable anomalies between consecutive year scoring of certain housing authorities (HAs).

PHADA will continue to advocate and work with HUD to ensure that the FSS Program continues to work at the local level for residents and HAs and that it be administered with local objectives and outcomes in mind.


Advocacy by PHADA

In addition to Advocate articles, an FSS fact sheet,  and correspondence to HUD, PHADA has sent letters to nine senators and representatives, with specific information as to how HUD’s System could negatively affect his or her state. PHADA has also advocated to key Congressional staff members as well as national housing organizations.


Articles in the Advocate


Letters to HUD