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Senate Appropriations Committee Passes T-HUD Bill

Arlene Conn, PHADA Policy Analyst

On September 19, the Senate Committee on Appropriations unanimously approved $56 billion in funding for HUD programs. This figure is offset by $7.4 billion in receipts from FHA/GNMA, for a net funding level of $48.6 billion, and an increase of $2.3 billion above the FY 19 enacted level. Since the Senate will likely be unable to consider all 12 appropriations bills by the end of September, when the current fiscal year ends, the House passed a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR), by a vote of 301–123, to fund the government until November 21. The CR now needs Senate approval to avoid a government shutdown.

In the major public housing and voucher accounts, the Senate numbers are a mixed bag, with lower numbers than the House for the Operating Fund and Choice Neighborhoods, but higher numbers for Voucher Renewals, Administrative Fees and Project Based Rental Assistance. The Senate mirrored the House on the Capital Fund, making it more likely that a significant increase will be included in the final bill.

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