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PHADA Submits Comments to NSPIRE Demonstration Notice

Seth Embry, PHADA Policy Analyst

On October 18, PHADA submitted comments to HUD’s Notice describing the NSPIRE Demonstration. PHADA has been a leading voice asking for change to HUD’s REAC inspections for well over a decade and looks forward to a new protocol. A partial reprint of PHADA’s comment is below and centers on the following concepts:

  • PHADA fully supports the greater focus on resident health and safety over item condition and appearance.
  • HUD must prioritize reductions in administrative burden and cost in the new inspections system.
  • The new standards must be objective and fair, and housing authorities can no longer be penalized for tenant-caused deficiencies.
  • HUD must improve the quality and consistency of inspectors and utilize credentialed experts as frequently as possible.

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