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President’s Forum: Boosting PHADA’s Presence on Social Media

Other PHADA members and I have always taken great pride in this newsletter, which we believe is the most thorough and analytical industry publication available. We will continue to use the Advocate as the best way to communicate important information to you. Nowadays, however, there are additional tools that can be employed, and we have made a conscious decision to try and effectively use them. Over the last year, PHADA has intentionally boosted its presence in the digital, video, and social media arenas. I encourage members to look for us on those platforms, especially through our enhanced website and social media channels.

PHADA has been tweeting for some time and the number of our followers has been steadily increasing, but we would like to see more.

We are now expanding our use of Twitter. Each of PHADA’s policy staff have their own “Twitter handles,” which will be used to spread news and information about with is happening in Washington and elsewhere. Among various other topics, staff will tweet information about congressional hearings and legislation, public forums that occur in Washington, and HUD meetings, too. Staff will also issue information from meetings they attend around the country, including upcoming regional housing association conferences and forums on repositioning public housing.

We expect that Twitter will be used to supplement the detailed information PHADA provides in this publication and on our website. I want to encourage all members to follow PHADA in general and our individual staff. Here is a list of the PHADA’s Twitter handles:



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