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Happenings at HUD HQ

Stakeholder HUDdle on RAD Evaluation Report

HUD Secretary Ben Carson conducted a “HUDdle” at Headquarters on November 14 regarding the Department’s recent evaluation of the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD). The HUD report concluded that RAD has been successful in leveraging non-public housing sources, improving physical conditions for residents and putting the properties on more stable financial footing for the future. PHADA reported on the study in the November 13 Advocate. PHADA Executive Director Tim Kaiser and Policy Analyst David Weber attended the November 13 event. Kaiser noted PHADA’s strong support for the program, adding that the Department’s proposed budget would actually undermine RAD because it would slash operating and capital funds, which are used to determine RAD rents for HAs. He observed that the best way for HUD to make RAD workable for more HAs would be to seek increases in those public housing accounts.

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