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PHADA Responds to Public Housing Critic

David Weber, PHADA Policy Analyst

On November 25, 2019, the website of The Atlantic published an opinion piece in its Ideas section on public housing. The piece, originally under the headline “Public Housing is Fundamentally Flawed” and then changed to “Public Housing Becomes the Latest Progressive Fantasy,” is by longtime public housing critic Howard Husock of the Manhattan Institute. Written in response to recent proposals to revive and expand public housing, Husock continues his unsubstantiated attacks on the program. Policy Analyst David Weber, with support from Jim Armstrong, Arlene Conn, Seth Embry, and Tim Kaiser, submitted the follow letter in response.

To the Editors,

Howard Husock’s November 25 article titled “Public Housing Becomes the Latest Progressive Fantasy” uses selected, exaggerated, incomplete, inaccurate, and inapplicable pieces of information to claim that public housing is inherently flawed and destined to failure. He also joins the recent trend of blaming progressive social programs like public housing for the disparate impacts certain policies have had on poor minority households. He is wrong on every point.

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