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PHADA “HUDdles” with Secretary Carson

PHADA Executive Director Tim Kaiser and others met with HUD leadership in a January 16 stakeholder “HUDdle” on the subject of shared housing. HUD says it will be developing future guidance to let HAs more easily use voucher funding in shared housing situations. In addition to Secretary Ben Carson, Assistant Secretaries Hunter Kurtz and Seth Appleton participated along with General Counsel Paul Compton.

In response to the Secretary's query regarding voucher underutilization, Kaiser said HAs need more administrative fee funding to successfully run the program. He specifically mentioned that PHADA and other groups have offered a cost neutral plan that would let HAs use a small portion of voucher money to lease up more units. Both Carson and Compton said the plan seemed to be worth exploring further and suggested PHADA continue discussions with HUD-PIH staff. A copy of PHADA’s administrative fee fungibility letter can be accessed here, and an outline of the plan, published in the October 16 edition of the Advocate, can be accessed here.