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PHADA Replies to HUD’s Request for Information on Barriers to Affordable Housing

David Weber, PHADA Policy Analyst

On November 22, on behalf of the White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing, HUD requested information from the public to identify barriers and possible solutions. PHADA submitted a response. An excerpt of PHADA’s submitted comments are below. The full comments can be found here.

Introduction and General Comments

The Request For Information (RFI) from HUD on “Federal, State, local, and Tribal laws, regulations, land use requirements, and administrative practices that artificially raise the cost of affordable housing development and contribute to shortages in housing supply” appears carefully crafted by HUD professional staff to identify specific policies and practices that have been demonstrated by research to have negative impacts on the development of additional housing at all price points. HUD is seeking this information, and the research to support it, in order to identify these regulatory barriers and to identify “methods for reducing these regulatory barriers.” The content suggests they intend to develop proposed legislation and regulation that will comply with other existing statutes and regulations and be defensible in court. This is a faithful effort by professional staff to carry out the policy priorities of the current administration while also pursing the broader and longer-term mission of HUD.

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