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President’s Forum: The Benefits of Voter Registration

John Hodge, PHADA President

In the last edition of the Advocate, I wrote about a timely issue that is important to all U.S. communities and our own agencies – the 2020 Census. There is another important matter coming up on the calendar. With Election Day now less than nine months away, some HAs may want to step up voter registration efforts.

This is going to be an important election year as the country selects a President and votes on 435 members for the House of Representatives and one-third of the United States Senate. There are many other campaigns this year including gubernatorial races and state legislature and local government elections too. Many communities will also have important ballot initiatives up for consideration.

Considering all this, localities – including housing authorities – may want to boost efforts to register people to vote. It goes without saying that this is entirely optional and that HAs should make sure their work is nonpartisan in nature. Any voter registration initiative should be focused on giving ALL citizens the ability to exercise their constitutional right to vote!

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