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HUD Secretary Defends the Administration’s Budget Before House and Senate

Arlene Conn, PHADA Policy Analyst

HUD Secretary Ben Carson testified on March 4 and March 12 before the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies regarding the FY 21 Budget. The Budget, which was released in February, includes $8.6 billion in cuts, a 15.2 percent reduction to public and assisted housing programs from FY 20 enacted levels.

HUD has proposed the creation of a “Public Housing Fund” for operating and capital subsidies combined. Simultaneously the Department eliminated the funding associated with the Capital Fund, which is a nearly $3 billion cut from the FY 20 level. Whereas last year funding for both of these accounts was just under $7.5 billion, only $3.572 billion is proposed for this new account for FY 21. An additional $672 million is shifted to a newly created MTW account; however, the combined amount for Operating (MTW and non-MTW) is only $4.244 billion, which is still $305 million, or 7 percent, less than FY 20.

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