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HUD Releases Guidance on Supplemental Public Housing Funding

Seth Embry, PHADA Policy Analyst

On April 28, HUD published PIH Notice 2020-07, “Implementation of Supplemental Guidance to the Federal Fiscal Year 2020 Operating Fund Appropriations.” The notice details the funding and flexibilities provided to housing authorities (HAs) through the CARES Act. The CARES Act included $685 million in supplemental funding for the Public Housing Operating Fund and allows full fungibility between operating and capital monies provided to HAs (see the April 15 issue of the Advocate for more on the CARES Act). In addition to currently eligible activities, the CARES Act explicitly allows the use of public housing funding to support the health, safety, education, and childcare of assisted families. These flexibilities and expanded uses are available through the end of 2020, can be extended by the Secretary, but do not apply to any set-aside funding allotments such as safety and security grants.


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