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President’s Forum: CARES Act Funding and Waivers a Lifeline

Reporting Burdens Should Be Eased

John Hodge, PHADA President

It has become cliched already, but it is still on point to declare these unprecedented times. No one knows for sure when we will turn to “normal,” but it seems that may be quite a way off in the future.

So many Americans are struggling at this time, facing dangerous health risks on a daily basis. In addition, tens of millions have lost their jobs or large portions of their income. At the same time, our role has become even more important to the millions of low-income families and people we serve. The extra funding that Congress has appropriated will be helpful, but it is clear we will need even more resources to cope with the pandemic’s far-reaching impacts on our programs and clientele.

In addition to more funding, Congress and the Trump Administration have furnished us more temporary flexibility from rules and regulations so we can concentrate our immediate attention where it is most needed. The package of waivers that HUD has announced are very helpful and appreciated. Nevertheless, in most cases, the waivers simply defer the workload to a later day when we will still likely face ongoing challenges and problems caused by the pandemic.


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