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PHADA Congratulates the 2020 Bollinger Scholarship Winner, TyJon Demetrius Goodlow (Atlanta, GA)

PHADA is pleased to announce the winners of its annual Scholarship Programs. TyJon Demetrius Goodlow of Atlanta, GA, has been awarded the 2020 Stephen J. Bollinger Memorial Scholarship. A high school senior, TyJon writes that “aside from the common notion that a school is only a place for book academia, school is also a resource for other social tools as well. For instance, at my institution of high school learning, I obtain a plethora of soft skills, not taught by an instructor, that are applicable to various situation through adult-male leadership and mentorship at school. Leadership, communication, and teamwork are just a few skills I have increased during my high school years at this school…. Even though I was fortunate enough to attend a great facility of learning it wasn’t the only factor of my current great stance in life. For example, any unstable housing experience can significantly alter one’s chance of success, especially a young black male. To my blessing and advantage, I have dependable housing assistance. I am grateful that I did not have to worry about where I will lay my head at night, while striving to earn a 3.5 or better in school.” Atlanta Housing’s Executive Director Eugene Jones states that TyJon “doesn’t just stand out in the classroom, he is also an individual of immaculate character.”


2020 Freedom & Civil Rights Scholarship

PHADA’s 2020 Freedom & Civil Rights Scholarship has been awarded to Makayla Scruggs, a resident of the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency in Nashville, TN. In Makayla’s essay she writes, “the fact that the civil rights movement and its issues have been gradually progressing overtime, gives me the desire to break barriers, as I am granted access to new opportunities as a rising youth leader. This desire will be highly beneficial to me, as I enter college and the workforce…. Although civil rights are not where we all want it to be, I am making strides in my life and my community to make sure we all get there!”


2020 Nan McKay Pathway to Achievement Scholarship

Through the generosity of our partner, Nan McKay Associates, the 2020 Nan McKay Pathway to Achievement Scholarship has been awarded to Isabelle G. Cunningham. A resident of the Johnstown Housing Authority in Johnstown, PA, Isabelle states that “because I have worked so hard throughout my school years, I have earned the position of being number one in my class, making me the Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. This is a huge honor…. All the hard work that I have put into school WILL be worth it because my future looks bright.”

Congratulations to the 2020 PHADA Scholarship Program winners. PHADA wishes them the best of luck with their continued studies in college and beyond!

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