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Confronting the Threat of Post-Moratorium Evictions

Seth Embry, PHADA Policy Analyst

In the midst of the spread of COVID-19, federal, state, and local governments and court systems instituted varying restrictions on evictions to protect renters who may have lost income due to the shuttering of businesses. These moratoria are diverse and cover some or all facets of the eviction process, from notice to enforcement. Although the federal moratorium is in effect through July 24, many of the state and local moratoria have already begun to expire. Renters and landlords are expected to resume their pre-existing arrangements but as unemployment rates in states remain at or near record highs there is widespread concern that renters face a tremendous risk of eviction both for debt accrued during the moratorium and for rent due after the end of the moratorium.

During the June 9 hearing of the Senate Banking Committee, Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) asked Secretary Carson what protections are in place for renters in the coming months and he described the process for reporting income changes in assisted housing, but offered no solutions for unassisted renters. In fact, there are currently no plans to provide financial assistance or protections for renters and landlords as the end of the federal eviction moratorium approaches.


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