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President’s Forum: Hot Topics Featured on PHADA’s Website

A One-Stop Resource

PHADA President David A. Northern, Sr.

PHADA has recently covered all the hot topics in this newsletter and conducted a related zoom cast in mid-March. There is a lot going on right now and it is hard for many of us to keep up with the array of new regulations and program changes.

I therefore wanted to take this opportunity to encourage members to browse through the PHADA website for topical information all in one convenient location.

Perhaps the most important pending matter is the FY 24 HUD budget. President Biden released his spending plan earlier this month and you can read a detailed report in this edition. For additional background, please review a special dedicated page on PHADA’s site. It contains the actual budget proposal, HUD’s synopsis and highlights, and PHADA’s own reportage and analysis. Also posted there is the industry groups’ budget statement, proposing our specific recommendations for each program category. As the congressional session progresses, PHADA will update the FY 24 site to include House and Senate material and eventually the appropriations bills expected later in the year.

The Department’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Rule is another major issue percolating right now. PHADA members strongly support the fair housing law’s objectives, but we have concerns about some of the requirements in the Department’s proposed rule.

The “Current Issues” section of PHADA’s site includes the AFFH rule, some other supplemental material and the association’s analysis. We have also provided members with some sample points they may want to suggest to HUD during the public comment period. That information can also be found on the AFFH section of our website.

Another example is the Buy America Build America (BABA) rule, which will require HAs and other recipients of federal funding to purchase and use American made products. Similar to the fair housing rule, PHADA has documented valid concerns regarding the practicality of BABA. In addition to other resource material, our site includes some waiver information HAs need to know along with PHADA’s recommendations on how to make BABA more workable.

Lastly, PHADA’s sample policy library is another resource that I encourage you to consult. The association has heard from members that having access to a variety of policies is something that would be helpful, especially to new executive directors. Some of the policies available on the site include admission and occupancy, criminal background checks, personnel, procurement, telework and several other types. The material can be found here.


Thank You and Best Wishes, Gwen Lyda

Gwen C. Lyda, PHADA.

PHADA is losing a long-time member of our staff, Administrative Assistant Gwen Lyda. She will be leaving full time employment at the end of this month, and then do some temporary work to close out a few things in the coming weeks.

Gwen joined the association’s staff in 2005. Over the years, she has been the voice of PHADA, greeting callers and welcoming us to the association’s conferences at the registration table. Many of us have come to know and much appreciate Gwen. She has been a real source of support, particularly to our scholarship committee, where she has been the primary liaison. Gwen dedicated a lot of care and attention to ensuring our scholarship applicants got everything they needed while making detailed travel arrangements for the eventual scholarship winners.

As the primary operations staffer, she also helped keep our headquarters in good condition. Working with our contractor, she oversaw major building renovations in the mid-2000s. If the PHADA building was subject to REAC’s inspections, PHADA would be a high performer thanks in large part to Gwen.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the whole membership, I want to express our sincere appreciation to Gwen for all of her contributions. We wish her a long, happy and healthy retirement.

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