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PHADA Submits HOTMA Comments

On November 18, PHADA submitted comments concerning the most recent notice of proposed rulemaking in HUD’s incremental roll out of implementing provisions of the Housing Opportunities Through Modernization Act, enacted in 2016. These proposals implement provisions concerning:

  • Income definitions, calculations and reexaminations,
  • Establishing an income limit for continued occupancy of public housing, and
  • Treatment of assets and participants’ requirements for financial disclosures.

As of November 19, HUD had received 109 comments of which 87 have been posted to Regulatios.gov, the Government Printing Offices web site. After reviewing the comments it has received, HUD will revise its proposed regulations and publish final rules implementing these HOTMA provisions.

HUD has several uncompleted tasks involving HOTMA implementation remaining. It must develop systems to:

  • Report annually on the status of waiting lists for Housing Act programs,
  • Report annually on the number of over income households living in public housing properties, and
  • Permit HAs and owners to access verified income information available from several federal means tested programs that may now be used to verify incomes for Housing Act programs.

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