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HUD Issues NOFO for Capital Improvements for High-Risk Public Housing

On May 9, 2022, HUD published a Notice of Funding Opportunity for the public housing Capital Fund At Risk/Receivership/Substandard/Troubled Program.  HUD is making $26.5 million available through this NOFO.  Awards may be from $250,000 to $3.5 million.

Eligibility for the funds is open to agencies in receivership, designated as substandard or troubled under the most recent PHAS score of record, or have at least one AMP that scored less than 60 on its most recent UPCS inspection.  Properties that have applied to the Special Applications Center (SAC) for demolition, disposition, or streamlined voluntary conversion, or when a RAD conversion CHAP has been issued, are not eligible. 

Funding must be used to improve the physical condition of public housing and/or to increase occupancy and reduce long-term vacancies through capital investment.  Applicants may apply for support for only one Asset Management Project (AMP), and the narrative of the grant application must demonstrate how the use of funding will improve the targeted AMP.  HUD will use physical inspection scores and occupancy data to measure the effectiveness of the funding.

Agencies and properties with the most severe challenges receive higher scores on the grant application ratings than those with less significant score deficiencies.  Agencies designated as Troubled or Substandard, as well as those with low-scoring individual AMPs, are encouraged to review the program NOFO. 

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