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HUD News: Announcement on Mainstream Funding

HUD has extended the deadline to apply for new Mainstream vouchers and administrative fees funding through PIH Notice 2022-19, “Mainstream Vouchers – Non-Competitive Opportunity for Additional Vouchers Authorized by the CARES Act and Extraordinary Administrative Funding, Correction.” This notice updates PIH Notice 2022-07 and makes the following major changes:

  1. The utilization threshold to qualify for additional vouchers is lowered from 80% to 75%, as well as a change to utilization time frame;
  2. Available funding for new vouchers is increased from $35 million to $40 million; 
  3. Provides additional information on eligibility requirements for applicants that may have unresolved civil rights matters; and
  4. Announces a new application deadline for both new vouchers and administrative fees of July 14, 2022.

PHAs now have until July 14, 2022, to submit their applications. Please note that HUD will consider the most recent Voucher Management System (VMS) data available to HUD in determining whether PHAs meet the 75 percent utilization minimum eligibility. PHAs that met the requirement as of November 2021 will still be eligible regardless of the most recent utilization data in VMS. 

PHAs that applied for new vouchers or extraordinary administrative fees under PIH Notice 2022-07 should not send a new email unless the PHA is making an additional request. HUD will review all requests received under PIH Notice 2022-07 to determine if the PHA is eligible under the eligibility criteria for 2022-07 or 2022-19. 

As a reminder, here are the opportunities available through the notice:

  • New Mainstream Vouchers Available. HUD is using Mainstream carryover funding to make up to $40 million available for PHAs with high Mainstream utilization to request additional Mainstream vouchers. Please see PIH Notice 2022-19for PHA eligibility requirements and instructions on how to request. 
  • Extraordinary Administrative Fees Available to Help with Lease-up of Mainstream Vouchers. Many PHAs and disability rights groups have reported that competitive rental markets are making it very difficult for people with disabilities to find housing using their voucher assistance. HUD is providing PHAs an opportunity to request $500 per Mainstream voucher awarded since 2018. In addition to supporting housing search and lease up, these funds may be spent on landlord signing bonuses, security deposits, and vacancy payments. See PIH Notice 2022-19 for full details.

Requests are due by July 14, 2022. 

If you have any questions, please email: MainstreamVouchers@hud.gov.

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