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HUD Releases NOFO for FY 22 FSS Coordinator Funding

First Funding for New Coordinators in Years

HUD has released this year’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to fund FSS coordinators. The funding is intended to fund existing coordinators as well as new coordinators. There has not been funding for new coordinators for many years so this is an excellent opportunity for agencies to expand their FSS programs. 

For the first time, owners participating in HUD’s Multifamily Section 8 project-based rental assistance program are eligible to apply for funding through this NOFO. All PBRA applicants will be considered new applicants for purposes of the NOFO. 

You may access the NOFO here. The 60-day application period runs from August 4, 2022, to October 3, 2022.

You may find more information about the grant on the HUD Funds Available page. (Important general information is at the top – scroll down to see the link for the FY 22 FSS NOFO page, where the NOFO, webinar, and FAQ (if any) links will be posted). 

Read HUD’s press release

In the coming weeks, HUD will host a webinar to review the components of the NOFO and discuss the changes between the FY 22 NOFO and previous years. You may submit questions to: FSS@hud.gov once you have reviewed the NOFO. 

Important information regarding the FY 22 FSS NOFO: 

  • For all existing FSS Programs, FSS action plans are required to be updated and submitted for review and approval by September 30, 2022. Any entities with current programs that do not have an updated FSS Action Plan approved by the time that HUD makes awards will have any awarded funds frozen and inaccessible until the updated FSS Action Plan is approved. 
  • New FSS programs that are funded via the competition will have time to develop an FSS Action Plan after funding is awarded.
  • Funding is for a two-year period, subject to annual appropriations from Congress.
  • Owners of properties participating in project-based rental assistance are eligible to apply for funding as new applicants, regardless of whether they have a currently operating FSS program. 
  • You will need to have a Unique Entity ID (UEI) (which has replaced the DUNS system). Visit FY 22 Funding Opportunities for guidance on ensuring that your SAM.gov registration is up to date. You will need an up-to-date SAM.gov registration and a UEI in order to apply for the NOFO. You can access the SAM website, which has information on the UEI transition, here
  • Check that your Grants.gov login and password are up to date and that you know who your AOR is. 
  • HUD encourages you to read the NOFO before deciding whether you will need a grant writer. The NOFO has no narratives, no budgets, no match/leverage… it is a few forms.
  • You may contact HUD with questions at: MF_FSS@hud.gov, or FSS@hud.gov
  • See the FSS Resources page for multiple resources and guidance on this topic.)
  • HUD strongly recommends that staff responsible for preparing the application be signed up for the FSS listserv, where information about the NOFO will be communicated. You can sign up for the listserv here


How to update or renew your entity record in SAM (PDF download)

Unique Entity ID (UEI) Webinar



SUBJECT: Obtaining New Unique Identity Identifier (UEI) from SAM.gov

As you know, by April 4, 2022, HUD financial systems will transition away from using the DUNS Number and use the new Unique Entity ID (UEI) as a means of entity identification for federal awards.  

GSA is conducting Stakeholder Forum webinars on how entities can obtain new Unique Entity Identifier (UEIs) in SAM.gov.

In order to attend the most current webinars, please Join the Integrated Award Environment (IAE).  

Below are links to a slide deck and recorded session from a previous GSA Stakeholder Forum on obtaining a new Unique Identity Identifier (UEI) from SAM.gov:  

Note: If your entities are actively registered in SAM.gov, GSA has already assigned a new Unique Entity ID. The new Unique Entity ID is viewable in the SAM.gov entity registration record. Go to fsd.gov and select the green Help on UEI Transition button to learn more.

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