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HUD Webinar on Electrification Strategies February 7

What: HUD Webinar Invitation: ABCs of Multifamily Electrification Strategies

When: February 7, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

Why This is Important: There is over $65 billion available in grants, loans, and other financing from Treasury and EPA, plus expanded tax credits and other incentives for investments that will result in short- and long-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and improve resiliency and the ability of properties to withstand and recover from increasingly extreme weather patterns. Many of these programs are targeted for low-income communities, and all types of properties – including public housing – are eligible. It is the largest financial assistance package for building energy efficiency and emissions reductions ever appropriated.

Who Should Attend:  Anyone with a role in planning, designing, procuring, and implementing major building, site and/or system upgrades, including Executive Directors, Directors of Planning and Development, financial and development managers, as well as agency contractors and partners who are engaged in these activities.

Understanding the technologies and their effective use in various settings and regions is a key element of successful planning to utilize the additional resources available. This is part of HUD’s effort to broaden learning and disseminate information on building de-carbonization strategies to the entire multifamily market. 

Register for the ABCs of Multifamily Electrification Strategies Webinar here.

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