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Emergency Safety and Security Grants Funding Guidance Published

On April 21, HUD released Notice PIH 2023-10, which includes the application process for Emergency Safety and Security Grants (ESSG) as part of the Public Housing Capital Fund program. In a follow up meeting with HUD Public and Indian Housing, HUD staff stated to PHADA Executive Director Tim Kaiser that these additional funds are being provided in response to concerns that he raised about costs related to NSPIRE. HUD staff said they did not want PHAs to have to use their limited capital funds to new HUD rules that require HAs to address additional health and safety risks in public housing. 

A “safety and security emergency” is defined as an emergency that may arise from: (1) an immediate need for funding by the PHA to implement safety and security measures necessary to address crime and drug-related activity; or (2) a safety emergency which requires the purchase, repair, replacement, or installation of carbon monoxide alarms/detectors, and or smoke/heat alarms/detectors. 

ESSG funding will be limited to an overall total of $250,000 per PHA per Federal Fiscal Year. 

Applications are due by 5:00 pm on June 28, 2023

A summary of the Notice can be found here. 

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