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HUD Publishes NSPIRE Final Standards

On Friday, June 16, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pre-published the final NSPIRE Standards and accompanying Notice. As of Monday, June 20, the Final Standards should be live on the NSPIRE website, located here

The notice, pending publication in the Federal Register, entitled “National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate: Inspection Standards” is one of three subordinate notices to the NSPIRE Final Rule, due to be published before July 1, per the Department. The notice provides the final NSPIRE physical inspection Standards to accompany the Final Rule after the development and testing of draft standards throughout the NSPIRE demonstration. The notice also responds to public comments related to the draft standards. 

A more detailed analysis of the Notice and Final Standards is provided in the May 31 Advocate.  For any questions, please reach out to Crystal Wojciechowski at: cwojciechowski@phada.org

A copy of the notice can be found here.

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