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HUD Releases Updated Guidance on Community Solar for Public and Assisted Housing

In a Friday, August 4, Press Release, HUD announced new guidance that expands use of solar program benefits for public and assisted housing residents under the inflation reduction act. These guidelines are intended to complement the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program for multifamily housing, as well as funding and financing for solar programs under the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Energy. (See PHADA’s Climate Funding for Housing Authorities for more information on these programs). 

For HUD Multifamily properties, Notice H – 2023-09 provides updated guidance on treatment of financial benefits to HUD assisted tenants resulting from participation in solar program. 

For public housing, the press release links an August 2, Memorandum for Directors of HUD Regional and Field Offices of Public Housing, and to Public Housing Directors, regarding Treatment of Solar Credits in Master Metered Buildings in Public Housing. The memorandum discusses how community solar combined with the Public Housing Operating Fund Rate Reduction Incentive can create significant savings and operating subsidy eligibility. 

When tenants pay utilities, and for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, see the August 4, 2022, Memorandum on Treatment of Community Solar Credits on Tenant Utility Bills

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