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Deadline for SR-FRB Energy Incentive is September 21

HUD Training Scheduled for September 6

HUD’s Small and Rural Frozen Rolling Base (SR-FRB) program allows eligible HAs to freeze the 3-year utility consumption average (the rolling base) for future subsidy calculations for up to 20 years. In short, if you expect reduced future consumption levels due to efficiency or other upgrades, you can freeze the consumption level for Operating Fund calculation purposes, continuing to receive a subsidy based on those higher levels. 

In October 2022, HUD released Notice PIH 2022-32 on implementation of the SR-FRB program, as reported in the December 31, 2022, Advocate. Applications are submitted via the Public Housing Portal.

Yesterday, August 23, HUD released a portal User’s Guide for the SR-FRB program and announced training sessions to be held on September 6. Emails regarding the deadline and training sessions were sent to HAs from: FMDDoNotReply@hud.gov. 

Eligible agencies are those with 550 or fewer combined public housing units & vouchers and are considered rural. Rural is defined as a county that is neither in a metropolitan statistical area nor in a micropolitan statistical area that is adjacent to a metropolitan statistical area (as defined by OMB).

Two training sessions are planned for September 6 via TEAMS as follows:

An existing video on how to apply is also available here.
Questions about the program can be sent to: SRFRB@hud.gov. 

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