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HUD Announces Special Administrative Fees to Support Housing Mobility Plans

On February 2, HUD published Notice PIH 2024-05, which outlines how the Department is making available approximately $1.5 million in special administrative fees for HAs to develop Housing Mobility Related Plans (HMRPs). HUD anticipates the average award will be approximately $60,000 and will have a 24-month period of performance.

The notice includes details on required elements of a HMRP, including (among several other requirements):

  • Identifying and mapping opportunity areas, and describing whether the HA’s payment standards are adequate for families to access those areas;
  • Identifying mobility services that the HA will offer residents; and
  • Identifying what administrative policy changes, if any, the HA intends to adopt to encourage mobility

These special administrative fees may only be used to develop the HMRP itself or to develop a Regional Project-Based Voucher Plan – essentially a HMRP for the project-based voucher program. The fees may not be used to provide mobility services to residents, incentive payments to landlords, or to supplement payment standards.

Eligible HAs are those that applied to, but were not selected for, the Community Choice Demonstration or Housing Mobility-Related Services program, or who meet a certain threshold of voucher families with children living in high-poverty Census tracts. A list of eligible HAs is provided in Attachment A in the notice. 

The notice states that the Department will email the Executive Director of eligible HAs with a Registration of Interest form. HAs must complete and return the form within 14 business days to be considered for an award. If HUD receives more interest than it has funds available, it will prioritize awards to HAs with higher utilization rates. 

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