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HUD Reopens Certain FY 23 NOFOs

Important Application Deadlines Approaching Soon

As Congress faces yet another partial CR deadline impacting T-HUD funding on March 1, 2024, PHADA is concerned that failure to finalize the FY 24 appropriations has forced HUD to rely on last year’s grant competitions for certain programs. Additionally, the Department has also recently published some NOFOs without knowing how much funding it will have available.

By reopening FY 23 NOFOs and combining them with anticipated FY 24 funds or opening FY 24 applications without a known funding amount, HUD has forced HAs to continuously adjust grant application and implementation timelines. Planning for uncertain and inconsistent grant funding cycles is a major challenge for agencies that are already stretched thin by the onslaught of federal regulations and rising expenses.

PHADA wants to remind HAs of the upcoming deadlines for these grant programs: Jobs Plus, the Emergency Safety and Security Grant (ESSG) program, and Choice Neighborhoods Supplemental Implementation grants:


Jobs Plus

  • The Department is making approximately $37 million available through the reopened FY 23 NOFO. HUD will not be issuing another Jobs Plus NOFO for FY 24.
  • HAs that previously applied to the FY 23 NOFO do not need to, but may if they chose, submit a new application.
  • The deadline for the reopened Jobs Plus FY 23 NOFO is March 12, 2024. For more information on the Jobs Plus grant application see PHADA’s Breaking News.


Choice Neighborhoods (CN)

  • HUD has elected to combine FY 23 and FY 24 funding for the CN Implementation Grant NOFO.
  • FY 23 appropriations made available approximately $259 million for implementation grants. Additional appropriated funds could be added to this amount once the FY 24 budget is passed.
  • While the new CN Implementation Grant NOFO extension deadline has passed (February 13, 2024), the CN Supplemental Implementation Grant applications for eligible existing grantees, are due March 4, 2024. Eligibility is outlined in the Appendix and is designed to help existing grantees address financing gaps that may have resulted from external factors.
  • For more information on CN Supplemental Implementation Grant application see PHADA’s Breaking News.


Emergency Safety and Security Grant (ESSG) Program

  • The Department opened the FY 24 application process anticipating a total award amount of $10 million. However, funds will not be distributed until Congress passes a final appropriations bill. 
  • Awards will be made through a lottery, and HUD will be prioritizing HAs with fewer than 250 public housing units. For more information on requirements and the eligible use of funds HAs can review PIH Notice 2023-10.
  • Applications may be submitted through March 27, 2024. For more information on the ESSG application see PHADA’s Breaking News.

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