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Jobs in Housing

Executive Director:

The executive director reports to a five-person Board of Commissioners and is responsible for all aspects of the housing authority’s operations including administration,management, development, and financial control.


1. Directs policy development and planning, including:

Works directly with the Board of Commissioners on the development of all policies affecting the housing authority including strategic initiatives, economic feasibility, sound business planning and management.
_Works with a variety of partners and stkeholders to address future organization strategy and positioning in the affordable housing market.
_ Providing quality materials and staff support to the Board to enable them to maximize the effectiveness of their governance of the authority.
_ Facilitates the strategic planning and economic forecasting processes, and develops several working retreats for the Board annually.
_ Takes a leadership role in creating an organization that has a high level of integrity, professionalism, progressive-analytical-critical thinking.
_Provides for the development of new programs to serve organizational and community goals, in collaboration with community partners, local departments, state and federal agencies.
2. Implements goals and policies, including:
_ Analyzes the feasibility of all development projects and manages the integreation of new properties into the portfolio.
_ Oversees the development, implementation, and update of a comprehensive housing maintenance and preservation program.
_ Ensures compliance with all covenants of the properties.
_ Oversees the development and implementation of a Capital Improvement/AssetManagement Plan.
_ Ensures all policy and procedural manuals relating to the authority’s management program reflect current authority and Housing and Urban Development regulations.
_ Ensures resident and community involvement in policy development.
3. Manages, supervises and directs the operations of the authority, including:
_4 Over 5+ years working with budgets

Job Description Chicagoland area Housing Authority Executive Director

_ Responsible for creating and maintaining a productive and positive workplace environment.
_Updates and implements ongoing professional development and job enrichment programs.
_Directs the asset management functions of the authority, including:
_ Assesses the property portfolio to determine the highest and best use of each property.
_ Analyzes the need to recapitalize, reposition or redevelop each property.
_ Monitors the long-term feasibility of each property and recommends course-corrective actions.
_ Monitors the balance sheet, income statements and statements of cash flow on a monthly basis.
_ Primary contact for the auditor and ensures full compliance with all generally-accepted accounting practices.
_ Oversees/recommends implementation of cash management strategies and accounting systems.
_ Coordinates staff responsible for preparing the annual budget; and synthesizes budgets from individual sections to develop an agency budget.
_ Recommends operating and reserve levels necessary to maintain fiscal integrity to the
Board of Commissioners.
_ Recommends strategies for increasing revenues or decreasing expenses; and assists in preparation of the Five Year Operating and Development Strategy.
_ Develops and maintains authority procurement and contracting policies.
_Serves as the primary risk management coordinator, managing activities related to personnel, property, and premises liability as well as procurement.
_ Develops a risk management plan and goals, performs loss analysis and planning and plans risk and safety training.
_ Updates the authority’s procurement policies.
_Performs public relations duties for the authority, including:
_ Oversees staff members who function as liaisons between authority and various agencies and/or individuals; and serves as liaison as necessary.
_ Prepares the news releases, public announcements, and notices.
_ Acts as liaison to representatives of other agencies and special interest groups with housing concerns.
_ Projects a positive image of the agency to the community through various public relations promotions
_Works to develop a sense of community for residents within their home, their development, and their community.
_Prepares agenda materials and minutes for Board of Commissioners’ meetings, maintains all official records for the authority, and oversees preparation of the authority’s annual report.
_Leads the executive staff of the authority; coordinates agendas and runs meetings. .
_Serves as the primary staff support to the Board of Commissioners.
_Serves as Corporation Manager for the Aurora Housing Corporation
_Represents the authority’s policies and programs to service partners, HUD, NAHRO, etc.


AND EXPERIENCE Must have a thorough knowledge of development principals; a working knowledge of
HUD programs, policies, and procedures; have a minimum of five (5) years experience in
public housing management, public administration, public finance, or similar professional employment. Candidate must either possess or within a year obtain a PHM Certification or equivalent certification.

Must possess a four-year degree in public administration, business administration, finance or related field. Master's degree preferred.

Equipment Utilized

Equipment requiring involved set up, adjustments and operational procedures (e.g. word processing equipment, personal computer, scanners, and digital copier/printer)

Standard office software (Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access)

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