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 PHADA submits comments on PHAS Interim Notices

Physical Inspection Scoring (Jan 2000)

PHAS Proposed Rule (Aug 1999)

PHAS Proposed Rule (Aug 1998)

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PHAS Rules/Notices
 Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Information About PHAS Interim Scoring Methodology for Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) (November 2001)
FR-4710-N-03  Physical Condition Scoring Notice (June 2000) (text) (PDF)

Financial Scoring Notice (June 2000) (text) (PDF)

Management Scoring Notice 1 (June 2000) (text) (PDF)

Management Scoring Notice 2 (June 2000) (text) (PDF)

Resident Scoring Notice (June 2000) (text) (PDF)

Final Rule (Jan 2000) (text) (PDF)

Amendments Proposed Rule (Jun 1999) (text) (PDF)

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Latest News

 HUD offers online PHAS training

 PHADA submits comments on PHAS physical inspection proposed changes

 NEW HUD notice proposes changes to some PHAS definitions

 HUD offers guidance on PHAS appeals process; Issues FAQ on deregulation for small HAs

 PHADA notifies HUD that problems still remain with PHAS

 HUD officially extends comment period for PHAS proposed rule

 President's Forum: HUD's disappointing proposed PHAS rule would set unrealistic standards
(From the March 12, 2003 Advocate)

 HUD cancels PHAS public comment sessions

 HUD publishes new proposed PHAS rule
(From the February 26, 2003 Advocate)

 HUD to release new PHAS proposed rule

 PHADA's Plan to Fix PHAS
(From the July 10, 2002 Advocate)

 PHADA prefers 'fixing' PHAS over new S & P model

 GAO-02-282 report on PHAS released (PDF)

 HUD issues final PHAS scoring notice

 PHADA submits comments on PHAS Interim Notices

 HUD publishes new PHAS scoring notices; Revised system in effect for HAs with fiscal years ending September 30, 2001

 HUD to consider 'Consensus Process' for new PHAS rule
(From the June 25, 2001 Advocate)

 HUD issues official notice delaying PHAS
(From the June 11, 2001 Advocate)

 Department opens dialogue to hear concerns over PHAS
(From the March 28, 2001 Advocate)

 Positive words from Secretary Martinez on PHAS
 REAC report confirms inspections are unreliable
(From the March 26, 2001 Advocate)

 Reprint: The Devil in the Detail
(From the March 12, 2001 Advocate)

 HUD issues PHAS notice regarding no "adverse action"
 PHAS notice on no "adverse action" (2001-5) pdf
 GAO, IG identify ongoing problems at HUD
(From the February 12, 2001 Advocate)

 NAPA reinforces PHAS criticisms in final report; PHADA urges HUD to heed advice, fix system
(From the January 22, 2001 Advocate)

 PHAS Advisory Panel meets for second time
(From the December 25, 2000 Advocate)

 New GAO report highlights PHAS sampling error
 Consultant lauds HUD 2020 plan, ignores problems
 PHADA letter to Washington Post about HUD 2020 article
 News to Use: PHAS Resident Survey Technical Reviews and Data Adjustments
(From the December 11, 2000 Advocate)

 Department explains process for appealing PHAS scores
 Chart of PHAS appeals process
 News to Use: PHAS Physical Inspection Technical Reviews
(From the November 20, 2000 Advocate)

 PHADA comments on NAPA's Draft Final Report
(November 8, 2000)

 NAPA draft final report calls for complete overhaul of PHAS
 HAs describe the many problems with REAC inspections system
(From the November 6, 2000 Advocate)

 Problems continue to plague REAC submissions process
 PHADA letter questions HUD-sponsored PHAS study
 State housing associations call for PHAS delay
(From the October 23, 2000 Advocate)

Second Special Report on PHAS: The Jury is in ... Eight Reasons Why Congress Should Insist that HUD Correct Problems with PHAS before it is Implemented (pdf, 256k)
(September, 2000) To view the report in PDF, you'll need the Acrobat Reader.

First PHADA Special Report on PHAS (The White House piece) (pdf, 319k)
(March, 2000) To view the report in PDF, you'll need the Acrobat Reader.

 President's Forum: The jury is in on PHAS ...
(From the September 25, 2000 Advocate)

 GAO questions reliability of REAC physical inspections
(From the September 11, 2000 Advocate)

 NAPA draft report is very critical of PHAS and HUD
 What the NAPA draft report says ...
 PHADA analysis questions resident survey scoring
(From the August 14, 2000 Advocate)

 HAs report problems continue to plague PHAS
 HUD responds to PHADA letters on inspector error
(From the July 31, 2000 Advocate)

 PHAS scoring notices issued with some significant changes
 PHAS advisory board convenes first meeting
(From the July 17, 2000 Advocate)

 NAPA issues interim report on evaluating housing programs
 PHADA research finds another source of REAC inspector errors
An example of how differences in "possible points" affects the score
(From the July 3, 2000 Advocate)

 Technical corrections made to PHAS final rule
 Housing groups meet with HUD on resident survey changes
(From the June 19, 2000 Advocate)

 Audit criticizes HUD's use of inspection results
 Leaders from both parties call for PHAS delay
(From the June 5, 2000 Advocate)

 PHAS Letter from Lazio, Frank and other House members to Secretary Cuomo
(Letter Dated May 11, 2000)

 HUD software test reveals hard evidence of inspector errors
 Analysis concludes PHAS scoring lacks objectivity
(From the May 8, 2000 Advocate)

 HUD says official scores to begin with June HAs
(From April 18, 2000 Alert)

 HUD tries out new inspection protocol
(From the April 24, 2000 Advocate)

 HAs take PHAS message to Capitol Hill
(From the April 10, 2000 Advocate)

 PHADA rebuts REAC critique of its physical inspection scoring analysis
(From the March 27, 2000 Advocate)

 PHAS inspection standard much more stringent than HQS
 Data provided on physical inspection advisory scores
(From the March 13, 2000 Advocate)

 PHADA comparison shows HUD treats multifamily much differently than public housing
(From the February 28, 2000 Advocate)

 PHADA uncovers several problems with PHAS financial indicator
(From the February 14, 2000 Advocate)

 PHAS rule made final, but serious problems remain
 PHADA analysis of physical inspection scoring system uncovers significant problems
 Summary of changes included in PHAS final rule
(From the January 31, 2000 Advocate)

PHADA's Archive of Articles, Letters, Comments and Reports on PHAS
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December 27, 1999
 HUD outlines changes to physical inspections protocol
 Changes made to PHAS financial indicator
 HAs score well on early results of resident satisfaction survey
 PHADA meets with NAPA on HA assessment systems

December 13, 1999
 HUD describes aspects of upcoming PHAS final rule
 PHAS financial conditions indicator under review

November 29, 1999
 PHAS group continues review of inspections items

November 15, 1999
 PHAS work group reviews inspection items

November 1, 1999
 HUD officially delays implementation of PHAS

October 18, 1999
 HUD forms PHAS study group to work on problems

September 13, 1999
 PHADA comments: PHAS is still in need of major overhaul

August 16, 1999
 PHADA reviews physical inspection part of PHAS

August 2, 1999
 PHADA reviews general provisions of PHAS rule

July 5, 1999
 HUD issues proposed rule amending PHAS regulation

June 7, 1999
 Financial conditions to be scored using 'peer average'
 Management component uses six PHMAP indicators
 Survey results make up half of resident satisfaction score

May 24, 1999
 Notices issued on PHAS scoring and appeals system

May 10, 1999
 Public Housing News to Use: Resident Satisfaction

April 26, 1999
 HUD agrees to new rulemaking on PHAS; housing groups drop suit

April 12, 1999
 Department issues paper on physical inspections scoring
 President's Forum: PHADA supports full accountability for HAs

March 29, 1999
 Housing groups sue HUD to ensure that PHAS is workable
 Letter to members about PHAS lawsuit
 Points in Support of PHAS Litigation

March 1, 1999
 Groups meet with REAC on PHAS advisory scores

February 15, 1999
 HUD issues final draft of resident satisfaction survey

December 21, 1998
 Groups press for detail on inspection scoring weights

December 7, 1998
 President's Forum: The specifics of PHAS need to be in the regulation

November 23, 1998
 First physical inspections begin amid confusion
 HUD tests pilot resident satisfaction surveys

October 12, 1998
 Groups reiterate concerns on assessment system

September 28, 1998
 Members hear from LaVoy on assessment system

September 14, 1998
 PHAS final rules issued over industry objections

July 13, 1998
 Proposed rule issued for assessment system

July 27, 1998
 PHADA issues preliminary review of PHAS rule
 President's Forum: The PHAS rule

July 13, 1998
 Proposed rule issued for assessment system