: Euclid Technology Real Estate Development Project Analyst

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Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in Building Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Real Estate Finance or related field. Two (2) years’ experience in the field of Real Estate Development and/or Construction. Two (2) years supervisory experience.  Supervise the Homeownership and Section 3 Coordinators. Assist Vice President of Real Estate Development & Capital Improvement in conducting feasibility studies, and developing pro-forma financial projections required to secure competitive and non-competitive development resources for project development. Assist the VP in monitoring and periodically reporting on Modernization and Real Estate Development programs. Conduct various informational meetings with Residents, Resident Council Presidents, local officials, staff, public hearings, etc. Assist in a variety of technical processes such as, budget preparations (grants), disputes and claims resolutions, bid preparation and evaluation, procurement, contract award, construction schedules and site selections. Research and monitor industry trends and best practices in modernization and real estate development. Perform any other related and appropriate duties and support of strategic goals as required.

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Real Estate Development Project Analyst
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Birmingham, AL

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Jefferson-Mitchell, Calandra
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