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The Housing Authority of the City of Covington (CHA) invites sealed proposals for the sale and development of real property currently identified as a historic building labeled as Newton County Tax Parcel No. C019000030016000. The site is located in the Covington Historic District. The local historic district is designated by local ordinances and falls under the local historic preservation commission's jurisdiction. The local historic preservation commission deals only with the district's appearance, not with the uses of those properties.  Time is of the essence for this project.


This RFP seeks market-viable, office, residential, and retail proposals that contribute to the tax base and contribute significantly to neighborhood quality of life. Projects consistent with the areas future land use plan and all other applicable codes, regulations, and guidelines contribute to the continued redevelopment and community desires of a vibrant, well-established, historic neighborhood. The objective of the RFP is:

  1. To seek an office, retail, or residential use of the historic building
  2. To seek a use for the adjoining baseball field that enhances any proposed use of the historic building
  3. To seek uses for both the historic building and the adjoining field that are economically viable for the neighborhood.
  4. To seek a use that maintains the historic characteristics of the neighborhood and ensures that uses are of the highest quality.

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#2021-02 Historic Building Redevelopment
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