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Job Title Location Closing Date  
Housing Specialist Tampa, FL 2/1/2024 View
Senior Housing Policy Analyst Washington, DC 10/31/2023 View
Chief Executive Officer Cleveland, TN 11/30/2023 View
Director of Development and Modernization New Orleans, LA 10/5/2023 View
Assistant Property Manager Flint, MI 10/10/2023 View
Legal and Related Advisory Services Mobile, AL 10/10/2023 View
Director of Procurement Dallas, TX 10/10/2023 View
Project Administrator and Database Coordinator Boston, MA 10/10/2023 View
Manager of Operational Transformation Boston, MA 10/10/2023 View
Resident Services Advocate Tifton, GA 10/11/2023 View
Facilities Manager Rocky Mount, NC 10/31/2023 View
YouthBuild Program Director Elgin, IL 10/12/2023 View
YouthBuild Case Manager Elgin, IL 10/12/2023 View
YouthBuild Job Developer Elgin, IL 10/12/2023 View
Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator Henderson, NC 10/13/2023 View
HCV Placement Specialist Henderson, NC 10/13/2023 View
Director of Maintenance and Modernization OPELIKA, AL 10/14/2023 View
Director of Housing Operations OPELIKA, AL 10/14/2023 View
Director of Communications Boston, MA 10/17/2023 View
Deputy Director of Communications Boston, MA 10/17/2023 View
Learning and Development Specialist Boston, MA 10/17/2023 View
RAFT & HCEC Program Coordinator Boston, MA 10/17/2023 View
Construction Advisor Boston, MA 10/17/2023 View
Internal Compliance Specialist Pittsburgh, PA 10/18/2023 View
Housing Manager Bridgeport, CT 10/20/2023 View
Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator Dade City, FL 10/23/2023 View
Director of Housing Compliance WESTMINSTER, CO 10/25/2023 View
Associate Counsel (Commercial and Corporate Services) Atlanta, GA 10/26/2023 View
Public Housing Coordinator Lancaster, SC 10/26/2023 View
Community Manager Pasco County, FL 10/27/2023 View
Assistant Counsel II Atlanta, GA 10/27/2023 View
Controller Atlanta, GA 10/27/2023 View
AUDIT SERVICES Chester, PA 10/28/2023 View
Director of Finance Brunswick, GA 10/28/2023 View
YouthBuild Program Director Peoria, IL 10/31/2023 View
Financial Analysis Services - Real Estate Development & Operational Budget Red Bank, NJ 10/31/2023 View
Physical Needs Assessment Services Red Bank, NJ 10/31/2023 View
Program Assistant Boston, MA 11/1/2023 View
Staff Engineer Boston, MA 11/1/2023 View
Individual Shelter Contracts Coordinator Boston, MA 11/1/2023 View
Director of Field Operations (Homebase: Roxbury) Boston, MA 11/1/2023 View
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance Manager Tukwila, WA 11/1/2023 View
Multi-Family Weatherization Coordinator Tukwila, WA 11/1/2023 View
Landscaper Cleaner - Juanita Court (Kirkland) Kirkland, WA 11/1/2023 View
Housing Assistant - Central Applications Center (Shoreline) Shoreline, WA 11/1/2023 View
Construction Project Specialist Tukwila, WA 11/1/2023 View
Assistant Property Manager - Ballinger Homes (Shoreline) Shoreline, WA 11/1/2023 View
HCV Manager Abilene, TX 11/3/2023 View
Project Engineer Honolulu, HI 11/3/2023 View
Housing Development Specialist Honolulu, HI 11/3/2023 View
Hearings Officer Honolulu, HI 11/3/2023 View
Human Resources Business Partner Providence, RI 11/4/2023 View
Communications Specialist Providence, RI 11/4/2023 View
Deputy Director Chief Financial Officer Richmond, VA 10/4/2023 View
Chief Operating Officer Vancouver, WA 10/20/2023 View
Senior Vice President of Finance Richmond, VA 10/6/2023 View
Director of Finance Rock Island, IL 11/10/2023 View
Director of Asset Management: (Salary Range 56: $15,740 – $19,131 monthly) Alameda, CA, USA, CA 11/10/2023 View
Director of Property Operations: (Salary Range 54: $14,991 – $18,220 monthly) Alameda, CA, USA, CA 11/10/2023 View
Asset Manager: (Salary Range 36: $9,662 – $11,745 monthly*) Alameda, CA, USA, CA 11/10/2023 View
The Administration of DHC's Housing Choice Voucher Program Detroit, MI 11/10/2023 View
Chief Information Officer Atlanta, GA 11/11/2023 View
VP/CFO Evansville, IN 11/11/2023 View
VP Asset Management Evansville, IN 11/16/2023 View
Executive Director Sioux Falls, SD 10/15/2023 View
Energy Programs Technical Field Monitor Boston, MA 11/22/2023 View
Director, Project Management Boston, MA 11/22/2023 View
CSBG and LIHEAP Program Representative Boston, MA 11/22/2023 View
Housing Specialist Berkeley, CA 11/23/2023 View
Housing Operations Management Analyst Tallahassee, FL 11/30/2023 View
Chief Financial Officer Dothan, AL 10/27/2023 View
Public Housing Division Director Miami, FL 11/29/2023 View
Vice President of Finance Tukwila, WA 12/1/2023 View
Lead Housing Quality Inspector Tukwila, WA 12/1/2023 View
Rent Subsidy Program Administrator Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Assistant Chief Financial Officer Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Housing Development Specialist Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Director of Marketing & Fundraising DOTHAN, AL 10/27/2023 View
HPHA Systems Analyst IV Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Property Management Specialist Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Director of Planning & Development Dothan, AL 10/27/2023 View
Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Specialist Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Housing Contract Specialist, Construction Honolulu, HI 12/1/2023 View
Constituent Services Manager Boston, MA 12/1/2023 View
Housing Subsidy Programs Analyst Boston, MA 12/1/2023 View
Rental Assistance Administrator Reno, NV 12/5/2023 View
Property Manager Centreville, MD 11/30/2023 View
RE-BID RFQ for Development Partner Wilmington, NC 10/19/2023 View
Chief Financial Officer Atlanta, GA 12/5/2023 View
Property Manager North Charleston, SC 12/6/2023 View
Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis Oakland, CA 12/22/2023 View
Executive Director Warrenton, OR 11/1/2023 View
Landscaper/Cleaner - Birch Creek (Kent) Kent, WA 10/31/2023 View
Site-Based Maintenance Mechanic - Ballinger Homes (Shoreline) Shoreline, WA 10/31/2023 View
Property Specialist - Cascade Homes (Kent) Kent, WA 10/31/2023 View
Administrative Project Manager - Housing Management Tukwila, WA 10/31/2023 View
Senior Vice President of Communications Tukwila, WA 10/31/2023 View
Deputy Director of Operations and Director of the HCV Program New Orleans, LA 11/15/2023 View
Fee Accounting and Consulting Services Albemarle, NC 10/18/2023 View
UNIT TURNAROUND REPAIR WORK Albemarle, NC 10/18/2023 View
HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services Albemarle, NC 10/18/2023 View
RFQ - General Contractor Urbana, IL 10/11/2023 View
Staff Attorney Harrisburg, PA 10/31/2023 View
Deputy Director for Federal and State Initiatives Boston, MA 12/13/2023 View
Chief Financial Officer Daytona Beach, FL 10/13/2023 View
Director of Operations Daytona Beach, FL 10/13/2023 View
Executive Deputy Director - Administration Lauderdale Lakes, FL 12/14/2023 View
Project Manager Birmingham, AL 12/31/2023 View
Procurement Manager Birmingham, AL 12/31/2023 View
Accounting Analyst Birmingham, AL 12/31/2023 View
Landlord Liaison Birmingham, AL 12/31/2023 View
Maintenance Technician Birmingham, AL 12/31/2023 View
Director of Development Largo, FL 10/8/2023 View
Exterior Entrance Door and Doorframe Relacements Elizabeth, NJ 10/18/2023 View
Chief Operating Officer Athens, GA 10/18/2023 View
Executive Director Canton, OH 11/30/2023 View
IFB No. 09182023 Monument Signs Savannah, GA 10/18/2023 View
Executive Legal Manager Atlanta, GA 12/18/2023 View
Chief Housing Officer Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Lead Customer Care Associate Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Maintenance Mechanic Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Maintenance Supervisor Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Senior Occupancy Specialist Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Assistant Property Manager Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Maintenance Worker Las Vegas, NV 10/19/2023 View
Public Housing Occupancy Specialist Oneonta, AL 12/19/2023 View
RFP No. 09192023 Construction Management Services Savannah, GA 10/19/2023 View
Chief Real Estate Officer Athens, GA 10/19/2023 View
HCV Client Specialsit North Charleston, SC 12/19/2023 View
HCV Intake Specialist North Charleston, SC 12/19/2023 View
Assistant Director Miami, FL 12/19/2023 View
Legal Services Cheboygan, MI 10/27/2023 View
Executive Director New Brunswick, NJ 10/27/2023 View
RFP 23-914-49 Housing Standard Inspections New Orleans, LA, LA 10/19/2023 View
Executive Director Petersburg, IL 10/20/2023 View
Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator - TEMP Providence, RI 12/22/2023 View
Program Representative, HCVP Providence, RI 12/22/2023 View
Multi-Family Housing Compliance Manager Providence, RI 12/22/2023 View
Senior Counsel Providence, RI 12/22/2023 View
Executive Vice President of Technology / Chief Technology Officer Tukwila, WA 10/31/2023 View
2078-23 Housing Consultant Hearing Officer LIPH – HCV compliance quality Hartford, CT 10/19/2023 View
Chief Executive Officer Washington, NC 10/31/2023 View
Director of Public Housing Elkhart, IN 11/30/2023 View
Maintenance Supervisor Bessemer, AL 10/9/2023 View
Project Manager - CNI Newport News, VA 10/17/2023 View
ROSS Grant Coordinator Newport News, VA 10/17/2023 View
IFB No. 09272023 Replacement of (259) Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) Wall Sleeves at the S Savannah, GA 10/26/2023 View
Temporary Staffing Services Peoria, IL 10/18/2023 View
RFP for Housing Counseling/Loan Coordinating Services 2023-3 Pompano Beach, FL 12/5/2023 View
RFP No. 09282023 Consulting Services: Safety and Security Assessment Savannah, GA 10/26/2023 View
CNI Planning Coordinator Oklahoma City, OK 12/29/2023 View
RFQ 01-2023 for Architectural and Engineering Services for the Rehabilitation of 405 76 Street Miami Beach, FL 11/2/2023 View
RFP 01-2023 for Financial Advisor Services Miami Beach, FL 11/2/2023 View
Director of Property Management St Louis, MO 12/29/2023 View
Chief Operating Officer Spartanburg, SC 11/30/2023 View
RFP - Real Estate Development Consulting Services Columbia, MD 10/20/2023 View
RFP Labor and Employment Law Legal Counsel Norwalk, CT 10/16/2023 View
Executive Director Louisville, KY 10/17/2023 View
Property Manager-Home Ownership Program (HOP) Renton, WA 10/10/2023 View
Director, Touchstone Property Management Cincinnati, OH 10/31/2023 View
RFQ - Permanent Supportive Housing Developer and Consulting Services Champaign, IL 10/20/2023 View
Chief Operating Officer Canton, OH 11/30/2023 View
David Scull Community Center Renovation Rockville, MD 11/3/2023 View
Comptroller Tampa, FL 11/3/2023 View
Assistant Director of IT and Systems San Jose, CA 10/23/2023 View