Job List - 88 Match(es)

Job Title Location Closing Date  
Deputy Director Affordable Housing Las Vegas, NV 7/8/2020 View
Manager, Housing Choice Voucher Cincinnati, OH 7/11/2020 View
Manager, Inspections & Landlord Compliance Cincinnati, OH 7/11/2020 View
Regional Property Manager Cincinnati, OH 7/11/2020 View
Program Director Tallahassee, FL 7/17/2020 View
Supervisor Chicago, IL 7/17/2020 View
Finance Director ATLANTA, GA 8/1/2020 View
IT Manager Salt Lake City, UT 7/31/2020 View
Property Management Director Salt Lake City, UT 7/31/2020 View
Construction Cost Estimator Tukwila, WA 12/31/2020 View
Asset Manager- Accounting Finance Tukwila, WA 10/2/2020 View
Chief Financial Officer Honolulu, HI 10/2/2020 View
Director of Real Estate Investments & Development Houston, TX 8/15/2020 View
Director of Facilities Management Florence, SC 8/7/2020 View
Deputy Executive Director Lynchburg, VA 8/8/2020 View
Executive Director Gloversville, NY 8/12/2020 View
Director of Development Wilmington, DE 12/31/2020 View
Senior Development Manager Wilmington, DE 12/31/2020 View
IT Technical Support Assistant Temporary Wilmington, DE 8/3/2020 View
HCV Manager Abilene, TX 8/13/2020 View
Director Public Housing Division Miami, FL 8/15/2020 View
HCVP Data and Systems Analyst - Program Coordinator III Boston, MA 8/18/2020 View
Asset Manager Houston, TX 9/30/2020 View
Construction Coordinator Houston, TX 9/30/2020 View
Director of Administration Reno, NV 8/21/2020 View
Finance Director Ocala, FL 8/22/2020 View
Maintenance Mechanic Ocala, FL 8/22/2020 View
Counsel II Boston, MA 8/22/2020 View
Technical Support Analyst II Houston, TX 7/22/2020 View
Housing Specialist Houston, TX 7/22/2020 View
Staff Civil Engineer/Staff Landscape Architect - : Civil Engineer IV Boston, MA 8/22/2020 View
Customer Services Representative Houston, TX 7/22/2020 View
Senior Accountant Greenbridge Tukwo;a, WA 8/26/2020 View
Property Manager - Patricia Harris (Redmond) Redmond, WA 8/26/2020 View
Executive Director Denver, CO 8/26/2020 View
Maintenance Supervisor Las Vegas, NV 8/27/2020 View
Maintenance Mechanic Las Vegas, NV 8/27/2020 View
Property Manager Las Vegas, NV 8/27/2020 View
Management Analyst/Quality Control Specialist Las Vegas, NV 8/27/2020 View
Property Manager (Tax Credit) Durham, NC 8/27/2020 View
Deputy Director SHELBYVILLE, TN 8/28/2020 View
Development Manager Tukwila, WA 8/28/2020 View
Property Specialist- College Place Bellevue, WA 8/28/2020 View
Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Grant Program Coordinator Ocala, FL 9/1/2020 View
Chief Operating Officer CHAMPAIGN, IL 7/13/2020 View
Jobs Plus Program Manager Durham, NC 9/3/2020 View
Budget Director - Fiscal Officer VIII Boston, MA 8/19/2020 View
General Counsel Durham, NC 8/19/2020 View
Housing Coordinator (LIHTC/PBRA) Birmingham, AL 8/19/2020 View
Lead Asset Maintenance (LIHTC/PBRA) Birmingham, AL 8/19/2020 View
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director Long Branch, NJ 8/19/2020 View
Rental Assistance Programs Assistant - Program Coordinator I Boston, MA 8/20/2020 View
Executive Director Clarksville, TN 9/5/2020 View
Director of Housing Choice Voucher Wilmington, NC 9/8/2020 View
Home ownership/Resident Services Coordinator Washington, NC 9/8/2020 View
CSBG & LIHEAP Program Representative - Grants Management Specialist III Boston, MA 9/8/2020 View
Assistant Director of Field Operations Boston, MA 9/8/2020 View
Hearings Officer - Review Examiner II Boston, MA 9/8/2020 View
Contract Specialist - Program Coordinator III Boston, MA 9/8/2020 View
Housing Manager Orlando, FL 9/11/2020 View
Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator Orlando, FL 9/11/2020 View
Clerk Cashier Orlando, FL 9/11/2020 View
Public Housing Occupancy Expediter Orlando, FL 9/11/2020 View
HCV PROGRAM DIRECTOR Salt Lake City, UT 9/11/2020 View
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Corpus Christi, TX 7/17/2020 View
Facilities Management Specialist Supervisor - Construction Coordinator III Boston, MA 9/16/2020 View
Property Manager Durham, NC 9/17/2020 View
Maintenance Supervisor Durham, NC 9/17/2020 View
Vice President Rental Housing Corpus Christi, TX 7/31/2020 View
Director of Finance Tacoma, WA 7/20/2020 View
Executive Director Hampton, VA 9/23/2020 View
Fiscal Manager Boston, MA 9/23/2020 View
Assistant Housing Manager Trenton, NJ 9/24/2020 View
CDBG Program Representative - Contractor Boston, MA 9/24/2020 View
Leasing Manager- Tax Credit/ADU experience required Washington, DC 9/25/2020 View
Deputy Director, Division of Community Services Boston, MA 9/25/2020 View
Housing Choice Voucher Administrator Centreville, MD 7/31/2020 View
Senior Director of Operations Little Rock, AR 7/29/2020 View
Executive Director Little Rock, AR 7/29/2020 View
Senior Accountant ATLANTA, GA 9/29/2020 View
Manager San Francisco, CA 9/29/2020 View
Supervisor San Francisco, CA 9/29/2020 View
Director of Development Reno, NV 9/30/2020 View
State Leased Housing Manager Revere, MA 10/1/2020 View
Agency Attorney Salt Lake City, UT 7/31/2020 View