Job List - 88 Match(es)

Job Title Location Closing Date  
IFB NO. 2020 – 600 Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections Fort Worth, TX 1/29/2020 View
SMALL ORDER BID NO. 2020-300, Fire Alarm Monitoring System Fort Worth, TX 1/29/2020 View
Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator (FSS) Rocky Mount, NC 1/31/2020 View
Executive Director Brainerd, MN 2/3/2020 View
Assistant Director of HCV Little Rock, AR 4/6/2020 View
Executive Director Yonkers, NY 1/31/2020 View
Landlord Liason Honolulu, HI 4/8/2020 View
Maintenance Supervisor Durham, NC 4/10/2020 View
Deputy Director, Division of Rental Assistance - Program Manager VII- Boston, MA 4/13/2020 View
Internal Audit Manager Boston, MA 4/13/2020 View
Finance Director Elkhart, IN 1/31/2020 View
Executive Director Hampton, VA 4/15/2020 View
Procurement Manager Durham, NC 2/1/2020 View
Community Manager Biloxi, MS 4/15/2020 View
Account Specialist- Accounts Receivable 05-20 Austin, TX 1/31/2020 View
Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program Coordinator 06-20 Austin, TX 1/31/2020 View
Housing Specialist - PH Fremont, NE 2/8/2020 View
Leased Housing Specialist Meriden, CT 4/17/2020 View
Executive Director/CEO Kansas City, KS 3/5/2020 View
Director of Housing Mangement Kansas City, KS 2/15/2020 View
Pest Control/Bed Bug Treatment Services Inkster, MI 2/5/2020 View
Finance Director Salinas, CA 2/21/2020 View
Finance Director Salinas, CA 2/21/2020 View
Finance Director Salinas, CA 2/21/2020 View
Director Asset Management Charleston, SC 2/17/2020 View
Director of Community Development Sacramento, CA 2/17/2020 View
HCVP Data and Systems Analyst Boston, MA 4/21/2020 View
Special Projects Manager Nashville, TN 2/10/2020 View
Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator Trenton, NJ 2/8/2020 View
Assistant Housing Manager Trenton, NJ 2/14/2020 View
Assistant Property Manager Huntsville, AL 2/28/2020 View
Maintenance Technician Durham, NC 2/14/2020 View
Director of Housing Services Los Angeles, CA 3/27/2020 View
Research & Policy Analyst Washington, DC 2/18/2020 View
Chief Executive Officer St. Petersburg, FL 2/21/2020 View
Property Manager Durham, NC 4/24/2020 View
HCHC RFP No. 01-01-2020 for Property Management Services Columbia, MD 4/24/2020 View
Executive Director Easley, SC 1/31/2020 View
Director of Development Wilmington, DE 12/31/2020 View
Senior Development Manager Wilmington, DE 12/31/2020 View
Homeless Coordinator - Floater (Homebase: Brockton) - Benefits Eligibility & Referral Social Worker Brockton, MA 1/30/2020 View
Homeless Coordinator Floater (Homebase: Boston) - Benefits Eligibility & Referral Social Worker (C) Boston, MA 1/30/2020 View
Homeless Coordinator - Floater (Homebase: Springfield) - Benefits Eligibility & Referral Social Work Springfield, MA 1/30/2020 View
Senior Vice President of Operations/Chief Operating Officer Birmingham, AL 2/4/2020 View
Executive Director New Bern, NC 2/6/2020 View
Homeless Appeals Specialist Boston, MA 2/8/2020 View
Housing Stabilization Training Manager Boston, MA 2/12/2020 View
Assistant Director of Social Services (Housing and Community Development) Las Vegas, NV 2/12/2020 View
Recreation and Wellness Coordinator Birmingham, AL 2/12/2020 View
Chief Executive Officer Gering, NE 1/30/2020 View
Property Management Director Norfolk, VA 2/14/2020 View
Vice President of Housing Choice Voucher New Haven, CT 2/14/2020 View
Financial Analyst - Accountant IV Boston, MA 2/19/2020 View
Director of Human Resources and Administration Everett, WA 2/19/2020 View
Director of Internal Audit & Risk Assessment - Administrator V Boston, MA 2/19/2020 View
HCV Specialist Opelika, AL 2/20/2020 View
State Opioid Response (SOR) Housing Programs - Contractor Boston, MA 2/20/2020 View
Quality Control Specialist Birmingham, AL 2/21/2020 View
Housing Specialist/Section 8 Birmingham, AL 2/21/2020 View
Procurement Coordinator II Birmingham, AL 2/21/2020 View
Senior Housing Program Manager- Homeless Initiatives/ Social Impact Tukwila, WA 1/31/2020 View
Facilities Supervisor Alameda, CA 2/25/2020 View
Deputy Director of Field Operations Boston, MA 2/27/2020 View
Shelter Facility Inspector - Program Coordinator II Boston, MA 2/27/2020 View
State Rental Assistance Programs Specialist - Housing Program Specialist II Boston, MA 2/27/2020 View
Rent Program Specialist Alameda, CA 3/3/2020 View
Public Housing Director Albemarle, NC 3/5/2020 View
Chief Financial Officer Jacksonville, FL 3/5/2020 View
Assistant Property Manager/Assistant Asset Manager Peoria, IL 3/5/2020 View
Capital Finance Manager - Fiscal Officer VI Boston, MA 3/9/2020 View
Shelter Facility Inspector Supervisor - Program Coordinator III Boston, MA 3/9/2020 View
Deputy Executive Director Providence, RI 1/31/2020 View
Maintenance Supervisor Las Vegas, NV 3/18/2020 View
Occupancy Specialist Las Vegas, NV 3/18/2020 View
Recruiter San Antonio, TX 1/31/2020 View
Housing Choice Voucher Program Director Westbrook, ME 3/26/2020 View
Development Director Westbrook, ME 3/26/2020 View
FSS Program Coordinator Kingston, MA 1/30/2020 View
Assistant Finance Director Kansas City, KS 1/31/2020 View
Compliance Officer Honolulu, HI 3/27/2020 View
Project Engineer Honolulu, HI 3/27/2020 View
Housing Maintenance Manager Honolulu, HI 3/27/2020 View
Housing Planner Honolulu, HI 3/27/2020 View
Property Management Specialist Honolulu, HI 3/27/2020 View
Property Management & Maintenance Services Branch Chief Honolulu, HI 3/27/2020 View
Property Manager II Huntsville, AL 1/31/2020 View