RFP List - 24 Match(es)

Job Title Location Closing Date  
IFB NO. 2020 – 600 Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections Fort Worth, TX 4/2/2020 View
Request for Services Grayslake, IL 1/31/2020 View
HATT Surplus Equipment Auction Texarkana, TX 2/4/2020 View
Request for Qualifications – Physical Needs Assessment Grayslake, IL 2/3/2020 View
Request for Services-Pre REAC repairs Grayslake, IL 2/3/2020 View
"As Needed" Vacant Unit Turnover and Related Services RFP Asbury Park, NJ 2/3/2020 View
RAD Conversion Consultant Maryville, TN 2/20/2020 View
Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) Planning Coordinator Bridgeport, CT 2/6/2020 View
Architectural and Engineering Services Bridgeport, CT 2/6/2020 View
Legal Services Warren, PA 2/7/2020 View
RAD Capital Needs Assessment Joplin, MO 2/7/2020 View
IFB Roof, HVAC and Solar Orlando, FL 2/19/2020 View
Portability Clean-up Elgin, IL 2/5/2020 View
HCHC RFP No. 01-01-2020 for Property Management Services Columbia, MD 2/21/2020 View
RFP Oklahoma City, OK 1/29/2020 View
HCHC RFP No. 01-11-2019 - Underwriting Services Columbia, MD 2/19/2020 View
Re-Roof the Villas at Hampton Park Apartments Orlando, FL 2/19/2020 View
RFQ-HUD Choice Neighborhoods Fairfield Developer Huntington, WV 3/6/2020 View
Architectural and Engineering Services for Massachusetts Avenue Property New Port Richey, FL 2/4/2020 View
Coin/ Credit Card-Operated Laundry Equipment and Maintenance of Laundry Facilities Pasco County, FL 2/11/2020 View
Waste Management Services PHA Wide Pasco County, FL 2/11/2020 View
RAD Conversion Consultant Mayfield, KY 2/20/2020 View
RFP # 1918-19 Modernization Management & Planning Services Hartford, CT 1/30/2020 View
Rebid IFB NO. 2019-604 Boys & Girls Club Remodel at Cavile Place Apartments Fort Worth, TX 4/2/2020 View