RFP List - 18 Match(es)

Job Title Location Closing Date  
Managed Services Information Technology System CHAMPAIGN, IL 6/1/2021 View
RFP No. P21001, Lawn Care Services Inkster, MI 6/1/2021 View
IFB NO. 2021-602 Roof Replacement at Villas by the Park Apartments Fort Worth, TX 6/11/2021 View
RFP No. P21002, Pest Control/Bed Bug Treatment Services Inkster, MI 6/20/2021 View
Pest Control Services Jackson, MI 5/3/2021 View
IFB NO. 2021 604 Flat Roof Replacement at Hillside Apartments Fort Worth, TX 6/24/2021 View
Contractor Peekskill, NY 7/1/2021 View
Professional Independent Auditing Services Atlanta, GA 4/27/2021 View
Exterior Painting New Port Richey, FL 4/30/2021 View
Existing Housing PBV RFP Hartford, CT 5/18/2021 View
Replacement of Smoke Detectors at Lumley Homes / Robinson Tower / Comstock Court Asbury Park, NJ 4/27/2021 View
Energy Audit Wheeling, WV 5/14/2021 View
RFP 21-003 Re-Advertisement Sanford, NC 4/26/2021 View
RFQ 21-001 Pool of Construction Contractors Durham, NC 5/3/2021 View
#2021-02 Historic Building Redevelopment Covington, GA 4/28/2021 View
Security Guard Services Asbury Park, NJ 5/5/2021 View
Boiler Replacement Freeport, NY 5/14/2021 View
Choice Neighborhoods Planning Coordinator and Grant-writer Goldsboro, NC 5/11/2021 View