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HUD Releases Final FY 23 Administrative Fee Rates

Today, the Federal Register published HUD Notice Annual Factors for Determining Administrative Fees for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Mainstream, and Moderate Rehabilitation Programs. This notice establishes final FY 23 fee rates for the covered programs, which include EHV (Emergency Housing Voucher) and SRO (Single Room Occupancy) programs. Fees are distributed based on units leased on the first of the month as extracted from VMS.   

The Department has been disbursing one-twelfth of fee eligibility monthly to each HA. Advanced administrative fees for June-October 2023 were distributed based on a proration of 89.5 percent. The fee description indicates that updated national proration factors will be provided via e-mail notification.  

For the HCV and Mainstream programs, FY 23 November and December funding will be based on the final rates, pro-rated as needed based upon appropriations and national eligibility. FY 23 administrative fee reconciliations will be completed to cover any discrepancies between the final rates and the estimated rates used for the prior months.  

Proration does not apply to ongoing fees in the EHV program, paid at the column A rate, or to the Moderate Rehabilitation/SRO program.  

An excel version of the fee list and the fee description can be found here.

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