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All communities deserve safe, affordable housing options. As you work to protect and improve low-income housing options for the senior citizens, disabled persons, and families in your community, PHADA is here working for you.

Day after day, all year long, PHADA membership yields an exceptional return on investment ROI) that provides benefits to housing authorities, staff, and the low-income people and communities they serve. This ROI makes PHADA membership one of the most cost-effective decisions you make for yourself and your housing authority.


PHADA and You: Advancing All Affordable Housing Interests

In the current environment of uncertainty and years of inadequate affordable housing funding, a housing authority’s (HA’s) decision to reposition public housing stock to new funding platforms can offer additional flexibilities to better meet local needs and achieve long-term viability of affordable housing. Strategies like the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program, Section 18 Demolitions/Dispositions, or Streamlined Voluntary Conversions, for example, reposition an HA from public housing to other forms of HUD rental assistance, like Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV), Project-Based Vouchers (PBV), or project-based rental assistance (PBRA).

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Your membership dues will yield numerous returns on your investment (ROI), no matter how big or small your housing authority. It begins with a simple action – joining PHADA. An array of benefits makes your membership an outstanding ROI in your professional development and in the future of your housing authority.

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PHADA’s 1,900 member housing agencies represent over 1.9 million low-income housing units throughout the United States. Our members manage small, medium, large, rural, and urban housing authorities that run programs including public housing, housing choice vouchers, Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), and a variety of other innovative public-private partnerships.

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