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Congress Passes Another CR, Avoiding Shutdown

On January 18, both chambers of Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) to avert a partial government shutdown that would have begun at midnight on January 19. President Biden is expected to sign the CR bill sometime today.

The new CR maintains the “laddered” approach of the prior resolution, and sets the deadline for passing four appropriations bills – including the one funding HUD programs – to March 1, 2024. The remaining eight appropriations bills have a funding deadline of March 8. If Congress does not pass full-year appropriations by those dates, a full-year CR is likely, which would trigger substantial cuts to both defense and non-defense spending.

Congress’s next step in the appropriations process is to negotiate the topline number for all 12 appropriations bills, sometimes known as the “302(b) allocation.” Once those figures are finalized, the appropriations subcommittees will then work to allocate funding to programs within each bill. PHADA urges members to contact their elected officials to advocate for the more generous funding of HUD programs found in the Senate’s appropriations proposal.

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